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www.investigate.equifax.com is where you can dispute errors on your credit report from Equifax through website. If you find an error in your Equifax Credit Report or in any of the Equifax Personal Solutions products that contain information from your file such as Score Power®, you should start an investigation with Equifax Information Services free of charge using one of the three methods described below.

Equifax will investigate your concerns directly with the source (creditor, collection agency or courthouse) and respond to you within 30 – 45 days by mailing you the results of the investigation. If you are in the process of applying for a loan, immediately notify your lender of any incorrect information in your file. Your lender will need to reorder your credit file and score once any changes have been made to your information at Equifax.

Confirmation Numbers

If you purchased your Equifax Credit Report via the Internet, your confirmation number is located at the top of your credit report. If you received a copy of your credit file via U.S. Mail, the confirmation number is similarly located at the top of the credit report.

Some consumers may not receive a confirmation number. This is either because you have purchased your credit report through an Equifax reseller or your credit file is owned by an Equifax affiliate. If your file is affiliate-owned, you live in a part of the country where an affiliate office shares the credit database, but “owns” your credit file. Because that office maintains ownership of your credit file, you must initiate a dispute directly with that office. The telephone number to that office is located at the bottom of your Equifax Credit Report™.

Investigation Methods


The most efficient method to initiate an investigation is to do so online by entering your ZIP code and clicking the submit button at www.investigate.equifax.com. Equifax needs this information to determine if they can handle your dispute or if the affiliate office manages your credit file. If the affiliate office manages your credit file, Equifax will provide you with the office name and telephone number so that you may call them to start your investigation.

Next, you will provide Equifax with your identifying information as found on your Equifax Credit Report including your confirmation number, last name, street number, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Then you will submit your dispute. The credit grantor will investigate your dispute and send the results to Equifax. Equifax will perform the update work and mail you the results of the investigation.


A toll-free number is listed at the bottom of your online Equifax Credit Report. You must have your 10-digit confirmation number to speak with a customer service representative via telephone.


Equifax Information Services LLC
P.O. Box 740256
Atlanta, GA 30374
No confirmation number is required on written correspondence.

Error in Your Equifax Business Credit Report™

If you find an error in your Equifax Business Credit Report™, you should start an investigation with Equifax.

You will find information on how to initiate an investigation by clicking the “Business Credit Report Dispute Information” link found at the bottom of the Web page where your business credit report is displayed.

You must be logged into www.equifax.com to view your business credit report.

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